California Is Going to Take Your Guns…

May 2, 2013 at 4:30 PM

Under the new law just signed by Gov. Brown, SB 140 will give law enforcement the funds and authority it needs to remove guns from those who own them for the following reasons:

  1. criminal convictions
  2. mental health problems
  3. restraining orders

If someone has been convicted of a felony, their right to keep and bear arms is over.  Whether you agree or disagree with that or not, it’s the law.

Someone who is adjudicated “dangerous” because of mental health problems can be problematic.  Evan Westrup, a spokesman for the Governor stated, “This bipartisan bill makes our communities safer by giving law enforcement the resources they need to get guns out of the hands of potentially dangerous individuals.” [1; emphasis added]

The problem I have is with the word “potentially” in the last sentence.  It is difficult for me to place my trust in a system that is run by the government, especially in determining who is allegedly dangerous and who is not.  Is there room for exploitation here?  Absolutely.

Not long ago, a law-abiding citizen in New York was ordered to turn in his legally owned weapons because of a medication had taken for a short period of time.  Lawyers are still trying to determine how his private information got into the hands of law enforcement.

Beyond this, what are the parameters for deciding who might “potentially” be a dangerous person?  Obviously, someone like the naked guy who ate off a homeless man’s face in Florida is dangerous.  Are we now going to move into the area of the movie “Minority Report,” where we are now going to start predicting who would be more inclined to do something stupid with a gun?

Unfortunately, this smacks of “1984” and Big Brother.

Of course, to me, the larger problem has to do with restraining orders.  Are they even that difficult to obtain these days?  Could someone lie about another person in order to obtain a restraining order against them even when that person had done nothing wrong?  It’s absolutely conceivable.

Ironically, I think the biggest problem of all – aside from the potential to override someone’s Constitutional rights – is that California will be spending $24million dollars on this new bill.  I can’t help but wonder where the state will get that money since they are currently in the hole to the tune of over $20billion.  That’s billion.

The reason California is able to do those though in practical terms is because of the database they’ve had in place for years.  Every time a gun is purchased (legally, mind you), in California, it is entered into that database.  There is also a ten-day waiting period before the person can take the gun home.

If that person decides to sell that gun to someone else, it needs to be done through a licensed firearms dealer.  The sale is then added to the database.  In other words, every legal gun purchase is recorded, allowing the government to track that gun along the way.

Now, this same government can use this same database for something that the Obama administration keeps denying they would ever do – confiscation.  Ultimately, this is what a database does and even though the federal government promises that they would never keep a database of guns under their desired expanded background checks, it could easily come to that.

Why should we believe our government?  Can you think of an administration (with the possible exception of Reagan’s) that had nothing to hide over the past 40 or 50 years?  I can’t.

With the current administration, there are so many things that we should be concerned about:

  • New Black Panther Voter Intimidation Case
  • Fast and Furious
  • Benghazi
  • Legality of Obamacare
  • State Nullification vs. Federal Government
  • DHS Buying billions of rounds of ammo
  • Increased restrictions of 4th Amendment via TSA and DHS

The above list just scratches the surface.  We’re not getting the truth about these things and the Obama administration has become well versed in stonewalling Congress.  We are having to fight for our rights daily.

Why should we believe that the federal government only wants what’s best for us?  Moreover, who defines what is best?  Obviously, this same government.

If you’re a liberal, you likely believe that what California is doing is wonderful.  They are going to really make a difference.  Chicago has some of the toughest laws in the nation regarding guns.  Have they made a difference?

Oh, but that’s because guns pour into Chicago from surrounding states, right?

If you think that, then there’s only one solution to be able to prove if you’re right or not.  Confiscate all weapons.

The problem is that those darn criminals simply will not comply, will they?  Oh, but it will make a difference, you argue.  Yep, it will.  There will be more gun usage on innocent people who have no ability to fight back.

To say that I am glad to have relocated from California is an understatement.  There is no love loss at all. To watch that once great state turn into a cesspool of government-sponsored welfare and tyranny is just too much.

Maybe more folks will wake up to the reality of what is happening in the “Golden” State and reject it.  It’s really their only hope.



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