What’s the Reality with Agenda 21? Part 2

June 4, 2013 at 1:53 PM

In our last article, we published information regarding the very basics surrounding Agenda 21. If you take time to peruse the ‘Net, you’ll run into people who appear to be either overwhelmed with it, or at the other extreme, you’ll see those who deny it as posing any real threat to humanity. What every person should be doing is reading the document themselves. Then do some more research. What are people on both sides of the issue saying? Based on history, what makes sense? For instance, if you go to American Policy Center, you’ll find a fairly reasoned approach to Agenda 21. You also need to bear in mind that they have taken a tremendous amount of information and done their best to encapsulate it into the basics. While they might be one of the first stops, it should not be your last stop.

I also quoted from Unmistakeably Food. What I particularly appreciate about that person’s articles and comments is that he says he started off as a complete disbeliever in Agenda 21 as being any real threat. He states he read a lot of information and tended to ignore it because of the claims made by many people. He admits to having originally “dismissed it as craziness. Just another conspiracy theory.”

Ultimately, he got to a point where he decided to read the documents himself. You can read the original UN Agenda 21 document yourself and even download a PDF copy to your computer. It’s 351 pages, but it’s well worth the read. The link takes you to the 1992 document. You can also read another document comprising 242 pages, titled “Draft International Covenant on Environment and Development.”

When we are talking about our federal government and their cooperation with the UN, we need to be concerned. Anytime America (or any country for that matter), joins with the UN on some treaty or program, the danger is losing some of its sovereignty. This happens because America voluntarily places itself under the authority of that treaty or program directed by the UN. This would be the same with the Arms Trade Treaty if Obama (or any future president) signs onto it with the UN.

Getting back to Agenda 21, could there be an overreach? Anyone who has read the actual Agenda 21 document and is unable to see potential for any overreach is a complete moron. There is really nothing else to say. Being that stupid, they obviously believe that governments are so altruistic they would never deign to take advantage of people, in spite of what history clearly tells us. You can’t argue with stupid. It’s impossible and therefore, a huge waste of time. I have an aversion to wasting time with idiots and would prefer to leave them to their own devices.

The person who owns and runs the site I referred to called “Unmistakeably Food,” is a staunch environmentalist. As noted, he roundly panned anything that had to do with Agenda 21. Then he read the documents. After doing so, he stated the following.

“To be specific, the Agenda 21 documents lay out a very clear plan for government to slowly seize control of land, the water supply, energy, electricity, and all of the world’s resources, under the guise of making sure nothing goes to waste.”

Really? Could our friend be wrong? He opens his article with the following words:

“I expect this post to get me criticized for being just another crazy right-winger spreading fear. (For the record, I’m not right or left wing). I also fully expect to loose (sic) subscribers over this post, so that should say something about how important I feel this information is.

“So let’s start at the beginning. Anyone who reads this blog knows how strongly I feel about sustainable and environmentally-friendly (sic) ways of life. Anyone who reads this blog also knows how anti-Monsanto I am. I am doing everything I can in every way I know how to fight Monsanto, because Monsanto is destroying our environment (not to mention human health), quite possibly beyond repair.”

In one case, “Interior Secretary Ken Salazar on Thursday said he will shut down an historic Northern California oyster farm along Point Reyes National Seashore, designating the site as a wilderness area.”

An Amish farm was shut down by the FDA after a two year battle because the farm was selling raw milk to consumers. They feds raided the farm with guns drawn.

The Blaze has reported on a number of instances of farm closures and the seeming increased attacks on family farms by the Obama administration. One of the things the feds are also trying to do is to ban children from doing farm chores. They also want to restrict the ability of these young people from driving tractors without obtaining a commercial driver’s license and of course, most are not old enough for that.

I lived in a small town in upstate New York for a number of years growing up and there were many farms in the area. Kids were part of the workforce. It was simply what they did. They also drove the machinery. These kids learned responsibility at an early age. The government (our nanny) doesn’t want that to happen. They say it’s to protect these children. Uh…sure. The children are on private property. They’re not on the road.

Like many things the government does, it has the negative effect of unnecessarily restricting people’s rights. Is Agenda 21 anything to fear? I think there are a number of things that intelligent people should be concerned about and apparently, word is getting out there. For morons? I don’t even concern myself because nothing would convince them. They could be marched right up to the ovens in Dachau and they would still deny what was coming.

Our friend at “Unmistakeably Food” notes the following.

“I’ll tell you one thing. I am all for sustainable agriculture, but Agenda 21 and I have very different ideas of what defines ‘sustainable agriculture.’ We need to fight Agenda 21 right now, while we still can!”

Let’s do one more on Agenda 21 (for now). Next time, we’ll look at some of the claims people make regarding Agenda 21 and try to determine whether or not those claims are valid or could even happen.

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