Left Continues to Support Islam While Denigrating Christianity

March 23, 2017 at 6:37 AM 6 comments

It’s got to be in the air or water. Those on the Left continue their rallying cry against Christianity, while duplicitously continuing to give Islam a pass. Even when it appears as though they’re really not giving a pass to Islam, they’re not placing direct blame on those within Islam or on Islam’s teachings. Instead, they treat Islam and Muslims as though still in the 600’s AD and needs time to catch up apparently, which may take a while so we all have to be patient and excuse the violent excesses. Christianity? Not so much.

The way the left thinks about Islam is perfectly captured in the image with the car crashing into innocent people. I apologize for the gore in the “cartoon,” but it drives the point home. Arabs/Muslims have been using this form of assault on Jews in Israel for some time. They will deliberately run over Jews walking on sidewalks or waiting for a bus, then the perpetrator will exit their vehicle and physically attack Jews lying on the ground with an ax, a knife, or hammer. They make due with what they have or can quickly obtain. Their goal of course is to kill Jews in Israel. Outside of Israel, their goal is to kill as many “infidels” (non-Muslims) as possible and running over five, ten, or more innocent people is one that works for them.

The globalists have been exporting Islam to civilized countries for some time now because destabilization throughout the world is key. I believe that this is also why under Obama especially, the constant attacks on the Second Amendment were consistent. Globalists don’t want citizens having a lethal means to fight back and I think this is at least in part why the USA has not seen the type of attacks regularly occurring in Europe and the EU. Muslim attackers stand a good chance of being shot to death by law-abiding concealed weapon carriers here in America.

It is possible we will see more of these type of attacks because there are 109 passages within the Qur’an that essentially tell Muslims that they must kill, behead, and do violence against non-Muslims. What many Muslims will say in response to this is that these verses only speak of using self-defense against aggressors. They’re half-right. In essence, Islam sees nations and people who stand in their way of bringing the next (and final), caliphate to the fore as “aggressors” therefore these Muslims believe they have a right to fight against all those who oppose Islam. See how that works? Have you read the Qur’an yet? Don’t burn it. Read it. Understand what Muslims believe.

The recent Yemen raid led by US SEALs was stated by Sen. John McCain and others to be a failure. However, it was recently learned that we did get some great Intel from the raid, even though one SEAL was killed. The Intel revealed that ISIS and other Muslim groups are now attempting to hide bombs in laptops and iPads in the hopes of having them go off during flights. Because of this Intel, a new policy has been established for flights originating in certain countries in the Mid-East. Even though this plot was foiled, it probably won’t be long before we see terrorists using drones to carry out their missions. They’re very easy to use and fairly inexpensive to obtain. Attaching explosive devices to them will likely prove to be not that difficult.

London’s Muslim mayor says terror attacks happen in any big city…

Today – unfortunately – another terrorist attack occurred in London, not far from Parliament, and ended on the ground near Parliament. Apparently, a man drove a car into a group of people intentionally, then got out of the car and proceeded to stab people. He was eventually shot by police officers and is believed to have died. At least 40 people have been injured and four dead, including a police officer and a woman killed in the attack.

Turns out the guy is a known Muslim preacher of hate. This is okay with the Left or at least it’s excusable because for the most part, Muslims are seen as coming from 3rd world or severely underdeveloped countries. They don’t know any better because they grew up being taught Islam from an early age. The Left wrongly thinks that if we play nice with these warlike Muslims, they’ll play nice with us. That hasn’t worked at all and Sweden proves it on a weekly basis. We’re seeing as the Muslims are relocated throughout the western world, they take their AD 600 mindset with them. They do not believe they have to assimilate or engage in niceties that civilized people expect and normally engage in.

No sooner had this terrorist act occurred today in London when social media began streaming video of the event and commenting on the terrible nature of it. These events appear to be happening more and more in various places throughout Europe. As many Christians will do, they expressed their sorrow and stated they will be praying for Londoners. Certainly, a decent gesture, but leave it to leftists to see that as a form of “terror” as well.

One individual tweeted out that people should “stop all this #PrayforLondon nonsense” blaming these types of “beliefs” on the violence. Notice the person tweeting – Julia Hartley-Brewer – does not differentiate between Christianity and Islam in her tweet. She’s an atheist and believes like many atheists that religion is the root of much of problems this world faces for millennia.

Unfortunately for Hartley-Brewer and those like her, it’s not that people believe there is a God that has created problems for humanity. It is the fact that people refuse to acknowledge the one, true God who not only created all things but has the right to expect His Creation to act the way that He originally determined it should act. Sin is the problem, not God.

Hartley-Brewer is a perfect example of a Leftist who is clearly confused in her thinking and world view, though she would vehemently disagree and did to many who took her to task after her tweet. She wrongly believes that it is religion itself that has created violence when in point of fact it is the power of darkness (Satan; often expressed through paganism)versus the power of Light (God). Many forms of paganism still exist today and Islam is a perfect example of paganism that cannot, will not assimilate. It is barbaric in the extreme but the Left refuses to acknowledge that fact.

Notice Hartley-Brewer’s second tweet after someone told her how insensitive her first tweet was. She erroneously points out that Christianity “was violent & oppressive for many centuries…Islam centuries behind still.”

Here’s what she’s saying:

  1. Christianity was a violent, oppressive religion but “reformed”
  2. Islam deserves a break because it’s way behind Christianity, so let’s not worry about “reforming” it

The abject stupidity of such remarks highlights the level of depraved thinking that goes on in the mind of the average Leftist. Let’s say Hartley-Brewer is correct and Christianity actually was a violent religion from the get-go (it wasn’t). Even if that were true, she is actually saying that we should excuse Islam cutting it a break because they’re relatively new on the scene when compared with Christianity! How absurd is that?

Christianity was not “violent and oppressive” at all, but that’s something the Left will never admit to. The actual facts surrounding the Crusades tell us that Christianity was responding to the growing threat of the Islamic caliphate at that time. But again, discussing this with the Left is like bashing your own head against the wall and expecting the wall to give way. It just won’t happen. The facts should definitely be presented but don’t wait for the “Ah, I see!” moment because it will never arrive.

Hartley-Brewer’s second tweet shows that she actually takes the view of the characters in the one-panel cartoon at the beginning of this article. She would rather blame a system other than Islam than individuals where Islam is concerned, but of course this same willingness to give Islam a pass does not apply to Christianity.

It’s the same way the Left has responded to the terrible crime in a Rockville, MD high school, where two illegal aliens raped and sodomized a 14-year-old girl. This is a despicable crime and the two suspects are 17 and 18, but were placed in 9th grade at the school. But those who call themselves feminists aren’t coming out to condemn the crime. The most I’ve seen them do is attempt to redirect as in the case of Katie Halper. The mainstream news has yet to cover this horrendous tragedy because it goes against their biased narrative regarding people illegally here in the United States.

Do you see what Katie Halper did though? She defers to statistics in an attempt to downplay the horrendous crime this 14-year-old endured at school! Her Twitter profile says this: Host Katie Halper Show, Left, feminist, BernieBro, writer Salon, Vice, Nation, Rolling Stone, Com Central/ filmmaker. Note she admits being “left” and “feminist.” Where is her support for the female victim? It is non-existent.

Leftists seem to be deranged, frankly. They’re completely illogical because instead of understanding that truth is absolute (God’s truth), they pick and choose and support only those issues with which they strongly concur while denigrating the things they hate. To them, Christianity is illogical and is one of the causes of problems suffered by humanity for generations. Get rid of Christianity (and religion in general), and the world becomes a better place, according to them. If a few “illegal” or “undocumented” workers rape a young woman, attack the people who rise to her defense by claiming that people who are upset over this rape are clearly bigoted and simply using that crime as an excuse to punish all people illegally in America.

The Left is completely incorrigible. They cannot think logically or clearly, yet it is clear that they believe themselves to be very wise. We know the Bible says those who profess to be wise are often nothing more than fools (Romans 1:22). This is the Left, arrogant individuals who believe they know best. The truth is that their minds are seriously darkened and depraved because of their constant, abject rejection of God and His truth.

The Left is endangering all of us because of their willful rejection of God’s truth.

For although they knew God, they did not glorify him as God or give him thanks, but they became futile in their thoughts and their senseless hearts were darkened. Although they claimed to be wise, they became fools – Romans 1:21-22 NET

While the Left sees religion and especially Christianity as the problem, the Bible clearly points out that it is their continued rejection of God that has reduced society to what it is now. In effect, people who reject God as vehemently as the Left does are the ones bringing this world down and reducing society to its lowest common denominator.

Instead of trying to do something about all the Islamic violence in the world and the criminality brought to America by those illegally here, the Left believes these people should be coddled and embraced even if they end up killing the person embracing them. Again, the one-panel cartoon at the top of this article states the case well. But while Christianity is allegedly one “violently oppressive” religion which must be eradicated, the same does not apply to Islam because it’s relatively new compared to Christianity. That’s an excuse the Left would like us to believe, but in the end it’s still an excuse.

Show me a person who allows another person to assault them repeatedly and continue to just want to “hug” the one doing the assaulting. Who does that? No one in their right mind certainly, yet this is the attitude the Left has toward Islam and those illegally here in the USA. This is what the rest of us are up against; literally crazy, unhinged people unable to think straight or clearly, advocating every advantage for people who believe it is their right to force everyone else to submit to their demands.

If this continues, it simply will not end well…


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Ezekiel’s Valley of Dry Bones Though Evil and Corruption Seem Overwhelming, a New Dawn IS Coming


  • 1. Chris Caraveo  |  March 25, 2017 at 8:32 AM

    We have had four different lecturers teaching us about “Islam” (1) a former Jihadi; (2) an ex-FBI agent in charge of terrorism (3) Two Historians. Not only do they corroborate each other; I now plainly see that Katie Halper is an example of “civilization jihad by ‘our own’ hand” … along with each and every other person who minimizes ‘true Islam’ (aka “a useful idiot” … not meant to be insulting, simply ‘explanatory’) … the very best thing non-Muslims can do (for the sake of our future and our future generations) is stop reading about Islam “directed to the nonMuslim community” and start reading about Islam “directed to the Muslim community” … Why? TAQIYYA:
    There are several forms of lying to non-believers that are permitted under certain circumstances, the best known being taqiyya. These circumstances are typically those that advance the cause of Islam – in some cases by gaining the trust of non-believers in order to draw out their vulnerability and defeat them.


    • 2. modres  |  March 25, 2017 at 2:00 PM

      Thank you! This is the BIG reason I tell people to read the Qur’an for themselves too.


  • 3. rutnerh  |  March 23, 2017 at 11:23 AM

    I fully agree with your analysis of the Islamic practices as taught by Mohammed in the Koran.

    Three points need elaboration:
    1. The Koran is essentially based on selective plagiarized excerpts, largely from the OT. The Jews of the OT were. led by Moses in the Exodus under strict and absolute theocratic rule with God residing among them in the Tabernacle, later subject to dispensation of Mosaic Law at Mount Sinai. Obviously. God had to demand total obedience to His divine commandments unlike humanistic Koranic “submission” to self serving commands of the illiterate Mohammed or his current Islamic followers. True, God also punished defiance among the Jews in Exodus often as mercilessly as is currently done by Islamists, who are followers of Satan, not doing the will of the Creator God of the universe and all therein.

    In contrast, Christians, defined as true followers and believers of Jesus, have now been living for nearly 2000 y in the dispensation of Jesus’ Grace, characterized by unconditional forgiveness of ALL sins, past, present and future, if confessed and repented.

    2. Re the widely used expression by Bible ignorant folk referring to “The Church” as being synonymous with the Roman Catholic Church, is totally erroneous. The true post apostolic church or ecclesia was a persecuted assembly of believers meeting in underground catacombs for 3 centuries……not a religious hierarchy congregating in magnificent edifices after the founding of the Imperial Roman Catholic Church by Roman Emperor Constantine in AD 313. He, rather than Peter, was the first self appointed Pope.

    3. Re the Crusades, several popes of the RCC instigated these violent rampages committed largely by opportunists on the way to and at Jerusalem including the horrendous atrocities which are comparable to those of their Islamic adversaries. The Crusades in no way reflect true biblical Christianity as taught by our loving Lord Jesus and his non violent and non activist disciples who never persecuted or killed anyone. In fact Jesus and the Apostles except for John, suffered violent deaths precisely as He had prophesied. Similarly, His followers would also be hated and persecuted, if true Christians as is evident throughout the past 2000 y.

    Thus critics calling Christianity the cause of the world’s problem are ignorant fools not knowing the difference between the persecuting medieval RCC and the re- emergence of non violent true Christians, but excluding fake Christians or CINOs, after the Reformation.


    • 4. modres  |  March 23, 2017 at 12:29 PM

      Thanks very much. Of course, in spite of the truths you present, Leftists won’t acknowledge it. They’ll continue with their lies, exaggerations, and unrealistic views of life.


  • 5. matthewbeech27  |  March 23, 2017 at 9:14 AM

    So, if Christianity reformed 500 years ago, making it 1500 years from founding to reforming and Islam was created in the early 600s, that means we only have about another 100 years or so before Islam catches up and stops being violent…

    Of course, unlike Quran, the Bible doesn’t dictate that Christians kill pagans, but that isn’t important….


    • 6. modres  |  March 23, 2017 at 12:32 PM

      Yes, on both counts. The implication is that Islam may need reform, but let’s give it some time and they’ll eventually come along.

      I always tell people – including Muslims – to compare “founders” of reach religious ideology; Jesus and Muhammad. Which one carried a sword? Which one robbed traveling caravans? Which one slaughtered villages of Jews? Which one took a 9-year-old bride by the name Aisha? Which one spent the last years of his life living by violence?

      It’s very easy to see the differences in Christianity and Islam simply by comparing the people at the head of each one. In Islam’s case, there are many Muslim followers who take a literal approach to the Qur’an. Not all do obviously, but too many do.

      In Christianity’s case there are those who take an allegorical approach or leftist approach to the Bible and they also get it wrong in my opinion. But we need to start with Jesus and Muhammad by comparing them, their lives, their words, and their actions.

      Thanks again for your comments, Matthew.


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