Marching Toward Armageddon?

January 25, 2020 at 12:25 PM 2 comments

We recently watched another documentary detailing the potential problems associated with much of the food produced today and for the past six decades or more, thanks to biotech companies like Monsanto, Dupont and others. These mighty conglomerates are out to literally patent nature so that they can lay claim to any and all seeds on the market.

America was settled by farmers, frontiers people and ranchers. Over the decades, with the creation of urban environments, those vocations have been taken over largely by huge companies, who essentially decide what type of food (or food-like stuff), the public will be fed.

The documentary GMO OMG is well worth a look. The film is directed and edited by Jeremy Seifert, who allows us to follow him around for several years as he interviews (and attempts to interview), farmers, scientists and even people at Monsanto.

Of course, today’s farmers are caught in the middle. If they want to succeed, it’s extremely difficult in today’s market, unless they are willing to align themselves with biotech companies. This is what many have done and as one farmer stated, a farm of “only” 3,000 acres today is very small by today’s standards.

The saddest part of the whole thing is how badly the biotech companies have their foot on the necks of people throughout the world. They tried getting their grips on Haiti. You’ll recall the huge earthquake that destroyed major portions of the island? Monsanto swooped in with an offer of over 400 tons of seeds for the country. Nice of them? Turns out, Monsanto does not allow farmers to keep and reuse the seeds at the end of the harvest. Farmers must buy new seeds from Monsanto each year. So what did Haiti do? They decided to not buy anymore seeds and actually burned the “devil” seeds from Monsanto.

Haiti is not the first or only country to do this. Hungary’s farmers have gone to the extent of either plowing under Monsanto crops and/or burning their fields to make way for use of non-GMO (genetically modified organisms) crops.

Even though I know a good deal about GMOs and organic gardening, I still learned something from this documentary. Of course, it reinforced the truth that simply because something is labeled “non-GMO” does not mean it is actually organically farmed, without harmful pesticides. However, if the crop/product is labeled organic, it is also non-GMO.

Speaking of labeling product, Monsanto fights very hard to keep states from passing laws that will allow products to be labeled GMO. Why? Many people are still not aware of GMOs and the potential hazards they may present to our health. Monsanto would like to keep it that way. Not labeling products GMO will keep people from thinking about it.

Monsanto released a three-month study of rats that allegedly proved the efficacy of GMO foods, though they refuse to release their raw data. Another scientist from France did a multi-year study also with rats and their reaction to GMO foods.

Most rats live about two years. After the fourth month onward, all the rats except those in the control group of the French study, began developing tumors (mammary, kidney and others). Remember, this was a multiple year study, not simply three months.

Once the French scientist published his results and theories, he was roundly criticized by, guess who? Other scientists who were all associated with the big biotech companies.

Monsanto insisted this French scientist release his raw data. He said he would do so gladly if Monsanto would release their raw data from their three-month study. Monsanto refused. Wonder why?

I used to think that eating “gluten-free” and “non-GMO” was the way to go. It is a way to go and it is far better than simply eating and ingesting tons of highly processed foods filled with chemicals, preservatives, and things that are numbered. Of course the best way to go is to eat organic whenever possible because it bypasses pesticides (for the most part), since pesticides are prohibited from being applies to organic farming.

I’m part Italian. Pasta and pizza is in my blood. I truly enjoy eating it but haven’t been able to satisfy that desire of mine for years. Why? Because of the way Monsanto has genetically altered a strain of wheat. Because the wheat itself was genetically altered, so was the gluten protein within it. This is why there is such gluten sensitivity today. Our bodies simply have a hard time recognizing that this altered gluten protein is not an enemy being introduced into our systems that it must attack.

So what can be done about that? All GMO wheat should be avoided. If it does not say “organic” or at least “non-GMO,” then it is GMO.

Monsanto says that the reason they do what they do is to “feed the world.” Sounds wonderful, doesn’t it? Except for the fact that we have enough wheat in the world to feed 11 billion people and the entire global population is just under 8 billion. So why are people still going hungry and where’s that extra wheat going? It goes not only into food-like products but into cosmetics, and everything else. It’s used as fillers or binders and if a person is sensitive to gluten and they apply cosmetics to their skin, they could easily suffer some type of inflammatory reaction that they would not even guess is related to the make-up they are wearing, or the shampoo they use.

I’ve said this before and it bears repeating. Patriots and conservatives are fighting BIGLY to retain our first amendment and second amendment rights even though we are seeing those rights disappear. Yet, few appear concerned with biotech companies, Big Foods, Big Pharma and the fact that it appears that our own FDA is in the pocket of those companies, doing their bidding.

The food that is being pushed on us is not really food. By the time it gets to our table, much of it is genetically modified, preservative and chemical laden and infused with MSG variants to make it taste wonderful. As long as our taste buds are happy, we keep eating. When you stop eating that and opt for better (organic) food, you’ll notice at first that these organic foods to do not have the same taste “pop” that processed foods do. In a short amount of time though, you’ll start to enjoy the fine taste of organic foods. You’re body will definitely appreciate it as well.

One thing that is very interesting that the documentary brought out is that up to 95% of corn, wheat, soy and a few other products grown in the USA have been modified by taking a pesticide from another plant and genetically infusing it into corn, wheat or whatever. As the plant grows, the pesticide within the GMO plant grows with it and kills any insects that attempt to destroy it. You and I eat that crop that still has that pesticide in it. It doesn’t wash or cook out of it.

No worries you say? Think again. Our guts contain billions of bacteria – both good and bad. Obviously, it’s important to have more good bacteria than bad. The problem though is that when we eat GMO products that contain pesticides in them, those pesticides can begin to create havoc in our guts, with resultant health problems. How do you avoid this? Eat organic whenever possible and you might consider taking a probiotic of at least 10 strains with 30 billion bacteria every day. You can do other things like mix psyllium husk in water and drink it daily as well. This helps draw out the bad stuff in your system and keeps things moving. Some people even swear by coffee enemas. Yes, coffee enemas. You can read more about them here:

In fact, some people believe that’s the only good use of coffee. You decide for yourself and you’ll find plenty of people on both sides of the issue arguing that they’re right. It’s up to you what you want to know.

Non-GMOs are not necessarily organic but organic is always non-GMO. My wife and I are to the point of getting ready to try to make sourdough bread from organic ingredients including Einkorn (and ancient wheat that has never been modified in its 14,000 years of existence). In fact, the company Jovial also produces organic pastas using this same ancient grain and I’m willing to give it a try.

I recall when my wife and I went to Europe, we traveled through Austria and Hungary along with a few other countries on our river cruise. We noticed we could eat anything, including wheat products and we were not affected. Hungary, as noted had pulled out of using GMO seeds. It was actually remarkable. We came back to the USA and couldn’t eat what we wanted to eat because of all the corrupted food-like products made with GMOs.

I don’t know about you, but my health is extremely important to me. It should be as important to you as the rights that are ours and guaranteed (not created), under the Constitution. Yet, for many, it seems that being able to keep and bear arms takes absolute precedence. On one hand of course, the 2A is the most important amendment and should always be protected. Without it, we have no recourse against a corrupt government and little means of protection against criminals who will never have a problem obtaining guns illegally. We need to put that much effort also into controlling the biotech companies before we lose total control over them. Do you for one moment believe the elite globalists eat what we eat? Think again.

According to the documentary, there was a 30 year Farming Systems Trial study. Thirty years! Here’s what they found in part:

Organic corn yields were 31% higher than conventional in years of drought. Conventional systems (non-organic – ed.) emit nearly 40% more greenhouse gases per pound of crop produced than the organic systems…Organic fields increase groundwater recharge and reduce runoff…

You don’t hear Greta Thunberg, Al Gore or any other “climate change” alarmist talking about this. Why? Because they know that their precious climate change is a total scam. They want us to believe that the bees and birds are dying because of climate change. They’re not. They’re dying because of the heavy continued use of pesticides, both sprayed on and in the foods that are grown.

Because of companies like Monsanto, we may be the on the very cusp of what we read about in Revelation 6-18. Armageddon is coming and for those who will be on the earth during that time, it’ll be horrendous. How much of it will be man-made catastrophes but used by God to bring His wrath on a fallen Creation?

You do not have to be held prisoner to the biotech companies. You have choices. Eat organic foods whenever possible. If you can grow a garden, grow one. Oh but where will I eat out someone might ask? Or buying organic is too expensive! Once you start eating organic foods even at a higher cost, you’ll find you’ll eat out less, which will often be a wash in the long run.

Do you care about your health? Is your body the Temple of the Holy Spirit or not? If you are a Christian, the answer is a resounding yes! In that case, should you not be putting into your body only the things that will improve and maintain your health?



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  • 1. mdaush  |  January 29, 2020 at 8:48 AM

    Google Dr. Joel Wallach and listen to him as to why most chronic diseases are caused by nutritional deficiencies. I followed his advice and it changed everything….and you will live many more healthful years!


    • 2. modres  |  January 29, 2020 at 2:49 PM

      Thank you, I will!



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