Are You Afraid, Christian? Part 1

April 6, 2020 at 12:07 PM 1 comment

We recently listened to our pastor’s sermon from this past Sunday morning, which was entitled “Four Symptoms of Weak Faith” and he cited numerous portions of Scripture as he went through his four point sermon. He noted that your faith may be weak if it aligns with the following points:

  • You blame God in times of limited options (Mark 4:35-41)
  • You tend to forget God’s power because of a weak memory (Deuteronomy 4:7-10, 22-24, 39)
  • You become anxious in times of diminished resources (Mark 12:41-44)
  • You become weary in seasons of continued trials (1 Thessalonians 3:1-10)

Let me ask you, Christian, are you afraid or living in fear because of what is happening? Do you feel as though your faith is weak? How are you holding up under the stress created by the threat of Coronavirus?

As for me, on one hand, this is an exciting time to be alive and I’ll tell you why shortly. On the other hand, it can induce fear and I see that on a daily basis. People have gotten to the point where they are so afraid of Coronavirus, they see it as a death sentence if they contract it and this is largely due to the mainstream media (MSM).

My heart goes out to people who have lost their jobs and have watched their income go from whatever it was to zero during this time. I’ve been there before in my life and it wasn’t easy, though forunately I had family to rely on and help me through it. You couple this with the rules given to us by government (both federal and state), regarding sheltering in place – don’t go out unless it’s extremely essential and if you do go out, don’t bring the whole family and while you’re at it, wear a mask for goodness sakes – and that adds to the stress.

The very process government is using to keep us “safe” is also the cause of fear and frustration for many. In fact, the main people I see being afraid and acting out of that fear are those who believe if they step out of their homes, they will contract Coronavirus and die!

I can honestly say that I am not living in fear! I am not afraid of Coronavirus anymore than I am afraid of contracting the flu or developing cancer. While it could happen, I do not live my life as if those things will happen. If I do contract something and do end up dying, it is because my appointment with death has arrived. I do NOT look for trouble. I use social distancing and take precautions though I realize that this attitude frustrates some people, who firmly believe that we should all just “obey” the government mandates without question and stay home. I know many people who think like this and it’s really appalling, in my view.

There is no proof that Coronavirus is any worse than any other disease. In fact, if we pay attention to the “experts,” what we end up with is a mixed bag of statements that lead us to believe they either have no clue or they’ve been lying to us. On February 17, 2020, Dr. Fauci said, “Risk of Coronavirus in USA is ‘minuscule’; skip mask and wash hands.” [1] On March 11, 2020, this same Dr. Fauci said, “Coronavirus Is 10 Times Deadlier Than Seasonal Flu.”[2]

Well, which is it? People will argue, “Well, clearly Dr. Fauci and others learned more about the disease between February and March. These people are supposed to be EXPERTS. If you make one claim and less than one month later, you make the opposite claim, it tends to question your credibility as an expert, doesn’t it? It does for me. Let’s not forget that Dr. Fauci seems to be buddies with Bill Gates.

Now, the CDC is telling everyone when they go out, they should wear masks. But we were also told that only N95 masks are truly effective against Coronavirus. Now, wear a cheaper mask (anything is better than nothing) and let the hospital doctors and nurses have the N95 masks, says the CDC.

What is actually going on with Coronavirus? Why were we originally being told to “not worry too much about it” unless you were elderly and/or had a weakened/compromised immune system to now “Good Lord, we’re all going to die unless you stay home and if you MUST go out, wear a mask!!!!”? Something just doesn’t add up in my opinion and it’s not just me either or your run of the mill “conspiracy theorist.” I do not consider myself to be a conspiracy theorist but if it makes you feel better, relegate me to that category. I simply research on my own. I rarely watch any news program. It’s much easier to research and view documents and articles myself. Why do I need some talking head to tell me what to think? No thanks.

I mentioned above that these are exciting times. Why is that? It’s because of where we are in history and where we are headed on God’s prophetic calendar. I’m well aware that some people believe the Coronavirus is a judgment from God. Others believe it is a man-created health problem, with origins from “worthless men” (1 Samuel 2:12; 2 Samuel 23:6, etc., prompted by Satan), who released this storm on the world.

However, let’s be clear, God allowed this and I have a clue as to why. It’s in His Word.

Think about something, atheists are fond of asking the question, “If God really loved us, why does He allow all the bad things to happen in life?” It’s an easy answer but one that doesn’t satisfy atheists, who often tend, through their arrogance, to believe they’re superior to everyone else, especially Christians or “religious” people.

There are evil people in this world because of humankind’s collective and individual sin nature. How can that not be clear? Just because a person might eventually become a Christian does not rule out the possibility of sinning! Just read Paul’s letters to the Corinthian believers, though the entirety of the Bible reflects that problem.

But the question is why does God allow sin, suffering, evil and bad things to happen? Certainly, God could eradicate it before it happened, right? In a very real sense, that would mean overriding a person’s free will even though our free will today is not the same free will that Adam and Eve had and used before they fell. Nonetheless, people use and exercise free will to obey or disobey God. God chooses to work within the free will we exercise to accomplish His purposes. How does God get around this? Read Ezekiel 38 – 39 for the answer.

So back to Coronavirus. How did Coronavirus get out of a lab in Wuhan, China and then into the rest of the world? We may never know for certain, but it is very clear that God allowed it. Otherwise, it would not have happened.

While God is Ruler over all, He only allows or directs things to occur in this world that will ultimately bring Him glory. However, I believe that God allowed this Coronavirus to come into existence and spread to various places across the globe though that does not remove the culpability of “worthless men” anymore than Judas was innocent of treachery against Jesus. He wasn’t innocent, yet his actions fulfilled Scripture, but God certainly did not force Judas to do what he did against Judas’ free will!

If we consider the times in which we live, it seems obvious to me that the Bible teaches we are living in the last days. In fact, these days started with the first coming of Jesus and will conclude with His physical return.

If this is true, then what the Bible tells us about the specific events of the latter portion of the end times when the Tribulation will begin and last for seven (7) years is pertinent to us now, even though I do not believe that the Tribulation period has officially begun yet.

The Bible teaches that the Tribulation will start when the Antichrist brokers a seven-year covenant with the nation of Israel and surrounding Arab nations (Daniel 9:27). Revelation chapters 6-18 detail the seven years of the Tribulation and all its horrors. Interestingly enough, the first three and a half years are relatively “quiet” only compared to the last three and a half years of the same Tribulation. This is not to say that nothing happens in the first half of the Tribulation because that is not true. I’m simply comparing the first half to the last half and there is a stark difference between the two portions.

But a big question for me has always been: how will the world get to that point? What events will occur that may well prompt the world to become “one” governmentally and religiously under the rule of one “king,” who it turns out is the final Gentile ruler highlighted in Daniel 2? How will that occur?

I used to think that things would very gradually move toward socialism, then Communism, then a dictatorship, kind of like the pot of water slowly coming to a boil to kill the frog. I simply could not see how the world could become a dictatorship with the steps leading up to it in a short period of time. It boggled my mind a bit and I always wondered.

Truth is ever since the early 1900’s, the United States has been directed toward accepting socialism-to-Communism and now with this most recent generation of teens and those in their early 20’s, many of them want the government to take care of their needs with “free” things. So we’ve been slowly, steadily heading in that direction. But, now with Coronavirus taking the world hostage, it may be more clear, and happening far quicker than previously imagined.

First, as I’ve said before, Coronavirus is a real disease (even if it was created in a lab and managed somehow to get out of that lab), with life-threatening problems associated with it. It is absolutely causing sickness and death throughout the world. That is not up for debate. What is up for debate is how bad it is and do those deaths justify the closure of anything in society that is not considered “essential”?

So far, we’ve seen no indication that Coronavirus is doing what the Flu did in 1968, when over one million people worldwide died, with over 100,000 of those deaths occurring in the United States. In fact, the history of our country alone shows many health crises that took thousands upon thousands of lives and yet at no time, was society shut down in part or in whole. During last season’s Flu (2018-2019), 647,000 people were hospitalized with over 61,000 deaths (USA). [3] I’ve mentioned that in previous articles and again, no shutdown to society.

With Coronavirus, we were first told it was no big deal. Now we’re being told to take every precaution and stay home to avoid contracting this apparent killer! Of course, the mainstream media does not tell us how many people recover. They talk about the number of people infected and those who die (from something, but not necessarily Coronavirus), as if they are one in the same. In fact, an argument can be made that the media wants to blur the line between infection and death so that we will automatically think death when we hear numbers of people infected and we’ll get into that in an upcoming article.

Was talking with a relative who lives in NC the other day. She’d heard on the news that it was reported that there were two new COVID-19 cases and that they came from the store where her father worked. So she called her dad and asked him about it. He said the first person had been tested and results came back NEGATIVE for Covid-19. The second person’s test results had not even come back yet but the media was all too glad to report two “new” cases of Coronavirus! The fact is that they were lying or at the very least did not do due diligence prior to their report.

Now, the CDC has said that if a person dies and has exhibited Coronavirus symptoms, Coronavirus can be listed as the cause of death with no test required! [4] This is absurd. Why are they so desperate to increase Coronavirus numbers? Is it possible that something else is afoot here?

Tune in for part 2 coming up…







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Perspective on Coronavirus Are You Afraid, Christian? Part 2

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