Silver Linings to CV?

August 6, 2021 at 11:54 AM 3 comments

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A few links for your research. As a reminder, the inclusion of these links does not imply a tacit approval of everything stated or the people stating them. Use wisdom and discernment.

From the linked article by Atkinson

Receiving the flu vaccine was something people did to protect themselves from potentially getting the flu in years past. The flu vaccine used in one year was normally based on the flu illness from the previous year. Since the flu is always in society and changes, each new flu season a new variant emerges, infects and kills people.

I’ve never heard of people receiving the flu vaccine in order to save other people’s lives, have you? It wasn’t part of the narrative before. However, it has become part of the narrative now with respect to masks and the CV injection. We’ve all heard PSAs stating that my mask protects you and your mask protects me. This is completely asinine, especially if we consider Dr. Anthony Fauci’s words and statements in his own private emails. But the MSM has relegated those 3,000+ emails released via FOIA to the dustbin.

Yet, as highlighted in the above link on “Masking: A Careful Review of the Evidence,” it appears that Fauci’s private emails were far more truthful than his public comments. Masks not only do not help, but they often harm. Emotional virtue signalling of wearing a mask and getting the jab is something the Left sinks its teeth into for the purpose of broadcasting their “love” for other people. Yet, these same people never thought once about that during any previous flu season and if they did receive the flu vaccine, it was done to protect themselves, not others.

I want to be clear in stating that if people want to get the CV injection(s), they are free to do so. The concerning thing to me is the increase in fascism occurring throughout global society. Did we ever shut society down during any previous flu season even when deaths reached 60,000 or more in the USA? No, because it was “only” 60,000 or so. Who cares, right? Were we ever urged to mask up during any previous flu season or previous pandemic like Swine Flu? Nope.

Was the economy shut down, were we forced to stay at home and could only shop at businesses considered “essential” because of the flu? Was there ever talk of flu vaccine passports and only allowing those with said passports into certain businesses? None of this happened. Apparently, the time was not ripe for it.

Now with CV and the unprecedented fear propagated over the past year and a half, too many people are truly deathly afraid of catching CV. This is in spite of the fact the illness itself has a survivability rate of 99.8%+ depending upon your specific demographic. So, all of this for a disease that most people will survive even if they contract it. We were told by Fauci that the current warp speed vax would be about 95% efficacious. That’s nearly 4% lower in efficacy than surviving a bout with CV. Most people (99.8%+), have a greater chance of surviving the illness without even having to receive the CV injection and Atkinson’s above article points out that vaccinations for CV provide far less protection than getting it or building immunity to it by not being vaxxed for it.

In spite of this, governments and businesses are now mandating that employees/customers cannot work/shop in establishments unless they show proof of receiving the CV injection. This is FASCISM, whether people deny it or not. Fascists always sway people with “safety.”

I continually see ads that say how “safe” vaccines are and extend that safety to include CV injections. This is dishonest. The problem is not that so many people may have died or been harmed by the CV injection (as tragic as that is). The largest problem is that there are absolutely NO long term effects known about the CV injection. The “trials” are happening now until Jan of 2023, according to Prizer’s own documents. Prior to this CV jab, no other vaccines used the mRNA component. I think it says something when the inventor of the RNA component is demanding that CV injections as a vaccine be stopped.

As far back as July 2020, CDC was pushing “camps” or “green zones” for high risk individuals for CV. They literally want those they think are high risk to be physically quarantined and potentially against their will. More fascism under guise of “safety.”

Those who opt to not take the jab should not be treated as “UNCLEAN” and pushed to the edges of society, limited in movement. This is criminal, in my view. The Nuremberg Code goes against it. Nature goes against it. The Bill of Rights goes against it, yet more and more politicians are encouraging private businesses (including hospitals), to mandate all employees receive the injection.

By the way, as an aside, just consider…if President Trump had not gotten in bed with Bill Gates and given him millions to fast-track a CV vax at “warp speed,” we wouldn’t have the vax at this point. We’d still be waiting for it. Why didn’t Bill Gates himself fund the warp speed vax?

Above two images: More Twitter “bots” spreading the message of fear, paranoia and fascism.

God gave us an immune system and if we treat our bodies correctly to be and remain healthy, that is much more than half the battle. But now we are told that herd immunity doesn’t work unless it comes from a syringe. Whatever you choose to do, choose wisely. You cannot research these things enough in my opinion. Do the work and find the answers.

By the way, a reader sent this 4-minute video by David Knight. He points out a few silver linings of this CV mess in this video “Rejecting Modern Society.” He makes good points. God will bless His children dedicated to walking in His ways even through this difficult global time.

Teach me Your way, O Lord;
I will walk in Your truth;
Unite my heart to fear Your name.

The above verse is Psalm 86:11 (NKJV). This is a prayer every Christian should pray earnestly every day. First, the Psalmist asks God to teach him His way. The Psalmist promises that if God will do so, he will walk in that way. There are only two ways we can walk: either we walk in error or we walk in truth. Our problem of course, is that we tend to move between the two throughout the day, but the Psalmist wants to be steadfast in walking only in God’s truth. He no longer wants to be in error.

Second, the last sentence in the verse speaks volumes and sheds light on how we as Christians can always walk in His truth. The Psalmist prays that God would “unite” his heart to “fear” God’s Name. As I’ve stated in many articles and podcasts, our growing fear of (offending) the Lord is where it all starts for the Christian. If we have no fear of ever offending God, we will always be walking in error. It won’t matter how great we might “feel” about this, that or the other thing. If we are not living with a growing fear of offending the Lord, we will always be in disobedience. It is the fear of the Lord that puts and keeps us on the path of truth.

Notice the Psalmist concludes that he wants God to “unite” his heart. What this means of course is that with every fiber of his being, the Psalmist wants to fear offending God far more than fear of offending man. This is it in a nutshell and it takes time for that to come to fruition.

Yesterday, I was moving my lawn and as I did I repeated verses I’m memorizing, including this one. I turned it into a prayer to God realizing that my desire to fear offending the Lord comes originally from God. I cannot create that fear in me. That is something God does and He will reward those who seek Him in this way. I do not wake up daily with perfect fear of offending the Lord. I know that while my fear of offending the Lord today might be greater than it was yesterday (depending on how much I am willing to cooperate with God), I know full well that it is a work of God that actually starts when we receive salvation (as discussed previously). However, I must be willing to allow God to cause that to grow within me so that the fear of offending the Lord becomes the motivating factor in my life. This is done by the transforming of a renewed mind (Romans 12:2).

Do you want to grow in your fear of offending the Lord? Do you want that to be the very thing that guides you and helps you make correct decisions and keeps a hand over your mouth (and thoughts), so that what you think, say and do increasingly brings Him glory? Without a proper fear of offending the Lord, that will not happen. All that matters to God is what motivates us in thought, word, and deed.

I cannot think of anything in our lives that this concept does not apply to, can you? It will guide us in what we eat and drink, whether or not we attend church and which church we attend, in our giving and our interaction with others. The fear of offending the Lord is the foundation of truly righteous living. Unfortunately, it is sadly lacking in most within Christendom. This is why there are so many who appear to be apostatizing. They have a “form” of godliness but deny its power to truly save and transform (2 Timothy 3:5).

I was having a discussion about CV with a relative recently and it got a bit heated. He said some things that I could simply not agree with at all. I said some things he thought equally absurd. Finally, we just changed the subject and talked about something else because it was clearly not a productive conversation.

What I learned is that I need to fear offending the Lord during these types of conversations or not have them. I cannot – even if it turns out that what I believe about CV is truth – use my reasoning as a hammer over someone’s head in order to “wake” them up. That’s like trying to convince people of their need for Jesus. I cannot convince them of anything. I can simply share and let my words do what they might and I must continue in prayer for the other person.

What Christians need today is to have fully united hearts so that everything we say, think or do is guided by a fear of offending the Lord. Without this, we are simply boats without sails on a windy sea.


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