Leaked Contract Tells Sad Story of Pfizer’s Dominance

August 11, 2021 at 5:25 PM 1 comment

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As usual, by including these links does not imply an endorsement of everything stated or the author of said articles/videos. Use your own judgment and discernment. The goal is to research.

I was going to offer a few articles on the book of Jeremiah and will do so soon, but I first thought it was important to highlight and discuss several things regarding CV and Pfizer pharmaceuticals. It is very interesting to me that the contract between Pfizer and individual governments wound up on the ‘Net without the security protocols that kept it from being downloaded and shared. I’m sure Pfizer’s not happy and will pursue legal options.

I find it fascinating that decades ago, when news traveled very slowly, Orson Wells’ “War of the Worlds” radio broadcast was accepted as absolute truth at the time by many people. All they had was radio and their neighbors. People panicked and some even committed suicide from what I’ve read. Since news traveled so slowly, it took time for folks to realize the broadcast was simply theater. Behavior “scientists” studied the effects of that broadcast to determine how people react to fear-driven narratives.

Today, anyone who wants to research can determine who is telling the truth and who isn’t. Moreover, it can be determined that what might sound plausible is all in how it is worded. Case in point: I constantly see ads in my inbox and on social media telling me how “safe” and “effective” the CV jab is for people. While many of the previous vaccines might be considered safe (while at least some are not), we know absolutely nothing about any long term effects or efficacy of the current CV injections. So how is it possible it can be asserted as being safe? The wording.

It’s clear that folks need to be very careful in their research to try to determine what is and what is not truth. Going on social media doesn’t really help, although truth can be found there. I also find plenty of misinformation there some posted by conservatives and patriots because they have not done thorough research. It’s so easy to simply repost something that sounds good without checking.

But in today’s quick-moving information highway system, the Big Tech gurus and owners have to be very quick about what supports and does not support the established narrative. This is why they work so hard to defame, censor and even ban people who stand against the narrative Dr. Fauci pushes, on behalf of globalists behind the scenes. That’s their only real recourse, to get rid of anything that hampers furthering the acceptable narrative. Unlike during the times of “War of the Worlds,” when it took a great deal of time for the public to understand the truth about that radio broadcast and in the interim, much damage had been done. They’ll deal with legal suits later if they come.

Notice the disclaimer placed by Twitter redirecting people to an “accurate” page about CV.

Owners of social networks do not have the luxury of waiting and must react quickly to anyone who doesn’t go along with the agenda. Sen. Paul Rand was just banned from YouTube for at least a week because of his insisting the public “resist” efforts of the federal, state and local governments to increase their stranglehold over America.

Dr. Mercola, who has been under fire for years finally lost his battle with the censors and stated on his website that he was removing all content within 48 hours and while he would still place new material up, he would also remove that after 48 hours of posting. While it is clear that the powers that be are terrified of the truth getting out (and who can blame them?), we still need to realize that they are in control and like the Nazi regime of Hitler’s day as well as other Marxist regimes in history, they are determined to win the war against free speech and information.

That brings us to the leaked Pfizer contract. The author of the article who deals with it is Ehden Biber and his blogging site can be found here: senseofawareness.com

To those who will conclude that the Pfizer contract is fake, Biber responds:

To those think it is a fake: My university law professor said laws are like computer code. They use legal functions, and variables, and processes. I worked in Big Pharma, I reviewed many contracts in my career, and this document seems to me as real as can be.

Past vice-president of Pfizer of UK branch, Dr. Michael Yeadon, viewed the document and stated that to him, it appears legitimate as he is very familiar with the verbiage often used by Pfizer in their legal docs and contracts. So you’re aware, if you look Yeadon up on Wikipedia and other Leftwing info sites, you’ll quickly learn that he is described as a conspiracy theorist, who makes “false” statements regarding CV and the CV jab. Consider the sources.

This book, written in 2009 by “psychic” Sylvia Browne predicts a pneumonia-like virus that would infect the world in 2020. Satan let us know his plans long ago.

Biber has written follow-up articles, one entitled, “Why I’ve Committed Career Suicide by posting leaked documents online?” In truth, Biber has given up a great deal by revealing publicly what Pfizer does not want the public to know. He states, “If you haven’t heard about the #PfizerLeak, I congratulate you for listening only to mainstream media. So for those who have no idea what’s going on, here is a brief summary.”

People like the ones Biber describes have a tremendous barrier within them called cognitive dissonance, which doesn’t allow them to think for themselves or to ask any questions about what they believe and more importantly, why they believe it to be true. To do so causes tremendous friction within them, so they pooh-pooh anything they do not believe to be true to get rid of the frustration or dissonance.

Regarding the Pfizer contract itself, Biber states:

What I saw in the contract horrified me. This contract can and should be taught in universities as an example of a contract that any court in any county that has consumer rights act/law would have declared as illegal. The Sicilian Mafia probably would have loved to hire the lawyer who wrote this (or the law firm), or perhaps Pfizer has hired the law firm that works for The Sicilian Mafia.

Fascinating, isn’t it? In essence, because of what Biber already knew (having worked with Merck for seven years), he saw this particular contract as so one-sided that the only entity to benefit is Pfizer! The governments of nations are all on the hook to defend and protect Pfizer and to guarantee that Pfizer is fully indemnified against lawsuits. In other words, those governments promise to step up and protect and defend Pfizer (using tax dollars to do so).

He goes on to point out what is plainly obvious to him.

This was not a contract, it was a foreign power dictating to a country terms and conditions of their surrendering.

Because of the potent fear generated throughout global society, people screamed for a “fix” in the form of a “vaccine,” using the term loosely as it’s actually gene-therapy due to mRNA component. Because of tremendous fear of dying, Pfizer knew they were in the winner’s circle and could dictate terms – take it or leave it. Of course, countries would take it, if it meant “saving lives”? What’s happening is people playing Russian Roulette with their lives at Pfizer’s insistence.

More quotes from the article about Pfizer contracts with governments include several revealing statements (emphasis added):

If you were wondering why Ivermectin was suppressed, it is because the agreement that countries had with Pfizer does not allow them to escape their contract, which states that even if a drug will be found to treat COVID-19, the contract cannot be voided.

Long-term effects and efficacy: ‘Purchaser acknowledges…the long-term effects and efficacy of the Vaccine are not currently known and that there may be adverse effects of the Vaccine that are not currently known.’

Regarding the first statement, note that even IF Ivermectin was used successfully to treat CV-19, individual governments would STILL be responsible to pay their entire contract with Pfizer even if they opted not to use the jab because of Ivermectin. Note also Pfizer has no clue as to long-term effects and efficacy. Why? Because no long-term studies were done. In fact, they are being done NOW and will last until January of 2023, according to other Pfizer documents on their own website that I’ve highlighted before.

As far as the contract is concerned, Pfizer has protected itself and all its assets well. They will experience no liability even after admitting in the contract itself that Pfizer has no idea of any long term side effects or efficacy of their product. Why would anyone enter into a contract like this with Pfizer because they are hanging themselves out to dry? This is a no-win situation for any government and they are legally required to pay for all doses of CV injection they purchase even if they do not use them and they are non-returnable.

Can you imagine buying a home with a contract like this where the homeowner has absolutely NO legal recourse if the builder builds the home incorrectly or does shoddy work on wiring or plumbing? Can you imagine if the wiring started a house fire that burned it to the ground and the builder could not be sued even though it turned out they used old, outdated knob and tube wiring? Only an idiot would enter into such a contract where the builder has all the gains and the homeowner has zero rights. This is essentially what has taken place between Pfizer and many governments around the world. Pfizer knows they have countries over a barrel and they don’t care. All they care about is making tons of money with absolutely no worry about liability for a product that may not be anywhere near as efficacious as proponents would like us to believe.

This is not only abysmal but demonic. Pfizer is playing with people’s lives and obviously couldn’t care less. In fact, they care so little that they are busy creating new “boosters” for the alleged Delta variant and will likely produce other boosters for anything else said to come about, likely with the same contractual terms.

Please read and download the article. It’s fascinating. Pfizer is the winner and this contract was not supposed to be known to the public but was apparently leaked at an Albanian website.

Have faith in God. Do what seems best to you based on His Word. Do not give into the fear. Use common sense and carry on. He is coming for His own one day, possibly soon. Be ready for that. Look for articles on the book of Jeremiah soon!


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Silver Linings to CV? As in the Days of Jeremiah?

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