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May 2, 2022 at 4:41 PM 4 comments

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Prayer has always been difficult for me and I’m not sure why. It remains a mystery to many. At its root of course, is people conversing with God, but since God does not audibly reply, that alone makes it difficult. We rely on the promises of His Word to give us insight into how He moves and works in our lives. Sometimes, it feels like we are walking in the dark.

What I’ve been learning though is that certain prayers are fairly easy to pray while other prayers seem to stop before they reach the ceiling. I’ve often wondered why and I think I may have an inkling I’m going to share with readers and each person can decide for themselves if I’m all wet or if what I’m saying resonates with Scripture.

There have been many times in my life when I’ve prayed about situations and I can easily recall that while I was praying, I didn’t actually believe I was going to get the answer I was looking for at the time. I’m not talking about the “name it, claim it” type of prayer where people repeat certain prayers so often and with such vigor that they create a form of belief they assume will be answered, whether it is or isn’t. I’m actually talking about something different.

For instance, I’ve noticed over the past few weeks when my prayers have to do with my or my family’s needs or even desires, it is far easier to believe God will provide compared to the overall problems happening throughout the world right now. We continue to deal with the CV pandemic began the destruction of the supply chain and are being warned that both will worsen with some political leaders even signalling that a worldwide famine is most certainly coming to this world along with more pandemics. Are they simply trying to create fear?

No, I don’t think so although that could be what some are doing. So if the CV pandemic and resultant worldwide economic lock-down disrupted the supply chain initially, what is continuing it? Well, for one thing, we have been warned of WWIII between Russia and Ukraine for months now. Whenever there is a major war, supplies go by the wayside. Fuels used in farm equipment must now be used in military equipment. Farmers in Ukraine and Russia are not planting as much wheat and other grains. Fewer grains translates to less food stuff available for the masses.

Then we have the fact that dozens of food, poultry, cattle, swine and fertilizer plants and facilities have been and continue to burn to the ground. Added to that is the alleged growing avian and porcine flu, which is causing governments to demand that millions of animals be destroyed and it’s not hard to see the problem. If none of this was occurring we might eventually catch back up to normal status returning from the supply chain disruptions that created shortages in the first place. But with everything happening that’s been happening, it appears likely that society will never catch up, certainly not in the short run. Experts are predicting by the end of 2022, a global famine will be upon us.

Okay, so why am I relating that and what does that have to do with prayer? Simply this, that even though it appears the world is falling apart and we may be on the brink of a food disaster, I believe that through prayer, God will still guide me and all who wait upon Him. Unless I’m mistaken, I don’t believe He will let me or my family go hungry. I can pray that prayer and believe that God will guide and deliver. At the same time, an example of a prayer that I cannot pray with the same measure of faith is that He will override the conditions that are in and likely coming to this world.

For instance, there is a preponderance of in-your-face corruption in Congress that the MSM completely ignores and by all accounts, it seems as though the alphabet agencies are part of that corruption. Don’t speak out against the local school boards who are pushing the LGBTQ+ agenda. Don’t argue against transgenderism or biological men competing in women’s sports. Don’t deny that white supremacy is a major problem in America. Don’t ask questions regarding the possibility of election fraud that may have occurred in the 2020 election cycle. Don’t go against the accepted CV narrative by seeking real answers related to Hydroxychloroquine or Ivermectin. Don’t dare to say that Joe Biden has all the symptoms of advanced dementia. Don’t argue that too many in Congress seem completely opposed to America’s sovereignty and want to hand it over to the UN. Certainly, do not believe that anything related to the so-called Great Reset has any merit to it whatsoever and that technocrats seek to do in America and elsewhere what they successfully have accomplished in China.

The continuing problems that are growing worldwide are many and I have a serious difficulty believing that even if I pray for days or weeks on end, that God would intervene and override many or even any of those problems. I just find it too difficult to believe, not because God isn’t big enough, but because a good part of me believes that the world and its people are getting what we deserve, based on His Word.

During the Old Testament times, we see what happened with Israel, how that nation often failed God giving themselves over to hardcore idolatry. Even when good kings like Josiah (see his reforms in 2 Kings 22–23, and 2 Chronicles 34–35), or his great-great grandfather, Hezekiah (2 Kings 18-20; 2 Chronicles 29-32), came along, while there tended to be peace and/or blessing during their reigns because of their reforms, immediately after they died and another ascended the throne, things often not only went back to what they were before them, but often actually got worse because of new kings who deliberately rejected the God of Israel. Eventually, judgment fell and often, it fell hard. It was inevitable because of the people’s hearts.

It made me realize that even when someone like Josiah or Hezekiah reigned and eliminated the things that offended God, it seems people only did outwardly what the king wanted, but inwardly, did things change? Because things often so rapidly went back to embracing the very things that God had forbidden, it’s easy to believe that the people’s hearts never really left those things under Josiah or Hezekiah et al. The people only appeared to do what they were supposed to do on the outside but how many of them continued to have special places in their homes for the idols they worshiped? It’s easy to conceal things like that and obviously the king couldn’t be everywhere, could he? Certainly this was not the attitude of every Israelite, but likely most.

God blessed Israel (or Judah), based on the genuine reforms and intentions of the king who reigned at the time. It’s likely many people continued to do things the way they wanted though. I have this same view of the United States, unfortunately. The corrupt leaders we have leading this nation to its death are responsible. Yet, there are plenty of people within the USA who cheer these contemptible leaders on. I’m astounded that there are those who hate Ron DeSantis, governor of Florida and are appalled at the things he is accomplishing in Florida. They prefer fascism and tyranny, wanting the government to take care of them.

So what is happening in the USA and the world that makes it difficult for me to believe God will directly intervene to change anything?

  • Abortion on demand
  • Critical Race Theory (anti-white racism)
  • LGBTQ+ (now the push toward grooming children)
  • WWIII between Russia and Ukraine
  • CV and other ongoing viral illnesses (bird, porcine, etc.)
  • Food & supply chain shortages here and growing
  • Increase in fuel, food and other goods/services prices
  • Increase in mortgage rates
  • Treasonous politicians
  • Illegal aliens gaining unfettered access to America
  • Trillions and trillions of debt for USA
  • Creating digital currency
  • Creating social credit score
  • Worshiping the planet via climate change

As I consider the above, I cannot believe God will actually step in and do anything to change or stop it. I truly believe that what is happening throughout the world is something He is allowing in order to rightly pour out His judgment. Many of the above noted things will simply become more pronounced in coming months and years. My wife and I will probably vote in the next election, but will God step in and ensure there is no fraud? I doubt it because it appears that system is already in place and will not be upended easily. God will likely allow and use it to usher in judgment just as He did with previous nations in the past.

However, what I believe God will do is at it relates to me, my family and all who submit to Him. As I commit my way unto Him and as I seek to love Him more and cultivate a growing fear of (offending) the Lord, I firmly believe God will provide for our needs. This doesn’t mean I do nothing now and expect Him to create food out of thin air. I believe my wife and I are making the best decisions we can make now based on what we know. I obviously can’t see all things and sometimes I don’t think I can even see that far, but what I can see, I am trying to use discernment to focus my way through difficulties, believing He will guide.

In the past few weeks, I’ve noticed that my specific prayers related to our own unique situation have been answered. They weren’t “big” prayers at all, but we prayed them because it seemed to us like the best course of action to take under the circumstances. Still, we presented things to God and asked that He might provide ways for us and He did. It was very interesting to watch things develop. However, when I look to the bigger world picture and the problems that exist as highlighted above, I simply do not have the same belief that God will change things. In fact, I believe things will worsen.

This reminds me of when my sister was in the hospital from a heart attack and was comatose. I recall praying for days that He would raise her up through healing (whether via doctors or directly from Him). There came a day when I could not pray that prayer at all and realized that God was softly and gently saying, “No.” When I realized that, I also quickly discerned that she would be going home to Him shortly and she did. Had I continued praying my prayer for healing nothing would have changed. This is the exact way I see the world now. I don’t believe God is going to step in and change things globally or even in the USA, until He physically returns, although I do believe that He will be there for His own in spite of what’s happening in the world as it devolves into greater darkness.

A lot of people are praying that God will change the world. Ultimately, He will do that but first, it seems He will allow the world to spiral into greater darkness, to become as sinful as possible to justify His coming wrath. However, He will continue saving people out of that darkness, changing their lives forever.

I’m suggesting we change focus so that the focus is more on things closer to home; family, friends, church people and those around you that you know are unsaved. It is far easier for me to believe that God hears those prayers and will respond favorably, as opposed to prayers to change the course of this world. His Word teaches us that this is not going to happen until everything has played out according to the perfection of His will.

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