Mr. Obama’s War Against Americans

February 5, 2013 at 6:52 PM 4 comments

Yes, I know.  The title of this article seems over-the-top.  The first question to be asked is why would I title an article with those words and in that order?  Well, truth be told, it appears from many different sources that Mr. Obama is doing everything he can to not only undercut the Constitution, but to remove rights and privileges from true citizens of this country.

In my last article, I blogged about a number of things related to gun control.  I talked about how we are starting to see some very strange things happening in major metropolitan areas, like Miami, FL with military exercises taking place.  These are complete with helicopters flying close to the ground firing blank machine-gun fire.

I also spoke of the fact that Mr. Obama received a memo from Eric Holder’s DOJ stating that it is legal to use drones to kill Americans if it even appears as though they are part of something like Al Qaeda.  There doesn’t need to be proof.  A suspicion would be good enough.

I pointed out that it clearly appears that the mainstream media is firmly in Mr. Obama’s corner in their reporting on the gun control fight.  With 216 stories and reported from an anti-gun perspective 8 to 1.

I reminded readers that Sen. Feinstein – ostensibly as an arm of this administration – has taken Mr. Obama’s anti-gun fight on personally and vows to ban “assault” weapons.  Ultimately, they may not be successful here…this time, but that won’t stop future attacks.

The truth of the matter is that there is a war on the Constitution in this country and it comes from those who abhor it.  Why do they abhor it?  Because they need to do away with it in order to put something else in its place, something that is much more amenable to their wishes and desires.  Funny thing is, the ability that the Constitution provides for citizens of America to own guns is something that the powers that be are clearly afraid of, so they need to remove it.

To this end, I believe preparations are being made behind the scenes that will allow for a situation in America to occur that will either help usher in Martial Law, or be a response to the civil unrest that will take place because…

  • of a greater push to control guns and/or remove them
  • of a coming economic failure
  • an uprising of people to stand against the corrupt and unconstitutional demands of our government
  • all of the above

In an article I read over at the Liberty Beacon, apparently, Mr. Obama has issued another executive order.  This time, he has revised an executive order that was implemented under Ronald Reagan. [1]  In short, what he has done is to remove specific words so that the meaning is changed.


In essence then, Mr. Obama has chosen to remove the limitations that were originally built into this order signed by Reagan.  The limitations that did not allow for the INTERPOL officers to be above the U.S. Constitution.  In other words, when police officials were on U.S. soil, they had to play by our rules as designated under the Constitution and that meant that when those individuals are dealing with U.S. citizens, they will not have to have concern for our rights and privileges under the Constitution.  Given that Mr. Obama has amended Reagan’s original order so that it now has no limitations, we can only assume that things will get worse.

In other words, this move is likely a precursor to something greater.  The people at explain it like this.  “When the paths on the road map converge – Iraq withdrawal, Guantánamo closure, perceived American image improved internationally, and an empowered INTERPOL in the United States – it is probable that President Barack Obama will once again make America a signatory to the International Criminal Court. It will be a move that surrenders American sovereignty to an international body whose INTERPOL enforcement arm has already been elevated above the Constitution and American domestic law enforcement,” [3]

Now if we think back, was anyone really concerned with Ronald Reagan signed the original executive order?  Probably not.  The INTERPOL officers were not given unlimited power because of it.

However, now, with Mr. Obama’s revision of that executive order, INTERPOL will now be given unlimited power.  They will effectively be above this nation’s founding document that established the rule of law in this country.  They will not be curtailed by it in any way, shape, or form.

Moreover, as we just learned from the quote above, it will very likely lead to America surrendering her sovereignty to the International Court of Law, something that many people in this country want to happen and at least two of those individuals currently sit on the Supreme Court.

Furthermore, the folks at further conclude, “For an added and disturbing wrinkle, INTERPOL’s central operations office in the United States is within our own Justice Department offices. They are American law enforcement officers working under the aegis of INTERPOL within our own Justice Department. That they now operate with full diplomatic immunity and with ‘inviolable archives’ from within our own buildings should send red flags soaring into the clouds.”

The foundation is being firmly cemented for a coup to occur not long down the road here in America.  Little by little, Mr. Obama’s administration (with the help of Congress by not doing anything to stop him), has consistently circumvented the rule of law in America.  Because he has not been successfully stopped, we can only conclude that there is tremendous power and resources working behind the scenes to continue to prop Mr. Obama up, allowing him to continue to do what he is doing.

This is (and has been) a concerted effort to destroy America’s sovereignty and it has been happening for years relatively unnoticed!  INTERPOL is essentially an international police force.  Is there a good reason why Mr. Obama has basically given them privileges that fully exempts them from United States law?  I can’t think of a good reason, though I can think of several reasons.

We also recently learned that Mr. Obama was relieving certain military leaders of their command and we wonder if it has anything to do with a question that is being asked regarding whether or not they would be willing to fire (shoot to kill) on American citizens.  If this is true (and it’s been reported from several sources), this can only mean that Mr. Obama may be coming around to think that at some point in the probable near future, the government may need to be at war with the populace.  If that occurs, he wants to know if his military people would be willing to do what needs to be done, even if that means killing Americans.

So what’s going to happen?  Believe me, I know how conspiratorial a good deal of this sounds right now.  I’m aware that some will think I’m grasping at straws, but the truth of the matter is if we take the many things we have learned about Mr. Obama and the way he has done things, they form a larger picture.  Taken by themselves, they are merely an incident here, or something else there.  But when taken together, they become a great deal more than that.

In yet another article (but certainly not the only one), there is discussion concerning the possibility of the DHS buying or building prisons that are currently empty. [5]  If true, the only question to ask is why?

There have been (and continue to be) warnings of coming Martial Law in the United States.  This will be a time when the government simply starts rounding people up and tossing them into these prisons.  Could it happen?  I’ll let you read the article yourself to decide.

But here is something that genuinely needs to be seriously considered.  Why are we hearing that Mr. Obama has been given the okay to kill Americans using drones?  That’s a fact.  It’s not hearsay or conspiracy.  It’s true.

Why is it also true that Mr. Obama revised an executive order from the Reagan administration that essentially grants full immunity from America’s top cops – the FBI – to INTERPOL?  Why is that something he would do?  What is the purpose behind it?

If we listen to Mr. Obama clearly, everything we learn about what he believes tells us that he wants to radically change America.  This is what he’s been doing since he took office and he shows no signs of slowing down.

I’m certain there are things happening that we do not hear about at all.  Though we are aware of musings here or whisperings there, the tragedy is that there is a great deal of secrecy related to the Obama administration and most people seem perfectly fine with that.  This is in spite of the fact that he promised to have the most transparent administration ever.  He has not done that and he won’t do that.

There is absolutely no reason that INTERPOL needed to be given absolute freedom within America.  Doing so is suspect and points to much larger things on the horizon.

There will likely come a day when the Internet will be severely curtailed or even shut off altogether.  With a flick of a few switches, our cell phones would stop working.  We will all be “off-line.”  Think of it then.

Folks, the Bible describes the End Times and they are not pleasant.  I alluded to this in a previous post.  When the “man of sin” waltzes onto the world’s stage, his arrogance and confidence will be absolutely astounding.  Nothing will hold him back at all.  Not one thing.

We can look back to the days of Reagan and see that things were being put in place even then that could be used today.  Think of all the time that has passed since Reagan’s days.  I’m not saying he was in cahoots with the powers that be, but I am saying that some of the things he did while in office are being distorted and used today by Mr. Obama.

Is Mr. Obama really intelligent enough to be able to look back all the way to Reagan’s day and take it upon himself to redefine a particular executive order?  I can’t imagine it.  This simply proves to me that the powers that be are in control of the highest office of the land and have been for some time.

Mr. Obama is but a puppet and if he doesn’t play ball, he can be replaced.  He is simply one more cog in the big wheel and it’s all being created and put in place in preparation for the final big wheel, the Antichrist himself.

So what can you?  Well, it’s still not too late to prepare for the rough times ahead.  You can start creating a storehouse of food and emergency supplies.  Think of it in terms of preparing for terrible weather.  If a tornado hit your area, what would you need and for how long would you need those things?

Don’t panic.  Here’s a place that will help you get yourself organized and you can start small and build from there.  It’s called “The Survival Mom” and you can get there by going to this URL:

If you’re not a Christian, that’s the first thing you need to take care of.  You need to get right with God.  Admit you’re a sinner and confess that fact to God.  Focus on Jesus and what He accomplished for you (and me) on Calvary’s cross.  If you’re having a hard time believing that Jesus was/is God, then take it to God in prayer.  Ask Him to open your eyes to the truth.

You know, the reality is that not one of us knows when we will die.  It could be tonight, tomorrow, next month, or next year.  But the fact that we do not know when our death will occur should cause us to deal with the fact of it, instead of putting things off.

Please turn to God in confession and repentance.  Let Him know of your doubts and your desire to gain salvation from Him.  Once you have entered into His Kingdom, then you will be able to see clearly enough to know how you can begin to put things away so that you will be in a better position to deal with future eventualities.

Trust God.  Ask Him for His help.  He will save you and He will give you the needed insight.


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Military Exercises Happening in Major Cities Gun Lies from the Left


  • 1. Sherry  |  February 8, 2013 at 9:03 PM

    On the one hand, I can see putting up a store of supplies for an emergency situation but on the other hand, will it do any good? I live in the midwest where we see tornadoes all of the time-some very bad ones, at that. There is no way that anyone whose home is utterly destroyed is going to have access to their store of food and water. Nevertheless, I am storing water. And I do canning and have an abundance of food staples that are silly to have on hand for just two people, lol.

    If our nation is under attack and I’m a victim of bombing, my store will be gone. If its not gone then I’m sure hungry people will most likely steal it-I can’t imagine anyone in a time like that, seeing the society we have now, kindly asking me to share! Let them have it all. God is my Provider. 🙂

    • 2. modres  |  February 9, 2013 at 8:09 AM

      I agree, Sherry. What we are storing up against is the eventual higher costs of food as well as mother nature type of emergencies.

      We’re simply doing what we can against the potential emergencies that my crop up. At the same time, there is no guarantee – as you say – that we’ll be able to use them when the time comes. I’d rather try and not need them than not try and wish I had created some type of storehouse of supplies.

      • 3. Sherry  |  February 9, 2013 at 8:38 AM

        True. Either way, its still God’s supply given us.

      • 4. modres  |  February 9, 2013 at 10:00 AM

        Absolutely 🙂

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