Is Processed Food Really Food?

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Just a quick article this morning reminding us once again that because of modern “science,” the food we ate may only taste like food. In the end, most of the processed foods people eat today are laden with chemicals at the very least. The process that many foods go through to get to our tables takes them through a minefield of insecticides, poisons, artificial colors and flavorings.

People need to wake up, wise up, and stop accepting what Big Foods is feeding. If people would simply take seriously the facts that are out there regarding foods, many of the health problems that too many people experience today would dissolve. Unfortunately, most people don’t think, they don’t ask questions, and they don’t believe that Big Foods is really only interested in our money, not our health.

We’ve discussed some of these things before but it bears repeating in the hopes that possibly one more person will be enlightened. There is so much wrong with our processed food supply that it has taken many books, films, and articles on the subject to even begin to make a dent in the entire subject. Are you willing to listen? More importantly, are you willing to investigate and quite possibly, change your lifestyle with respect to what you allow to go into your mouth, stomach, and body?

Just about five years ago, I made a deliberate decision to commit to changing my entire eating lifestyle. I knew if I simply labeled it a “diet,” then once I had lost some weight, I would likely go back to my old ways of eating. It’s what most people do and it has to do with the word “diet” itself. A diet implies a temporary lifestyle change with respect to food or drink. During our diet, we avoid certain foods and beverages. We attempt to eat and drink healthier options so that we will not only lose weight, but feel better in the process.

We remain on a diet until the amount of weight we believe we should lose, is lost. Then we slowly or quickly get right back to the way we used to eat, but we tell ourselves we will do so in moderation. Unfortunately, that doesn’t work and we’ve talked about the fact that certain additives to processed foods make this extremely difficult. For instance, high fructose corn syrup (HFCS) is a sugar substitute normally made from corn stalks in the lab. It is certainly sweet to the taste, but unlike pure cane sugar, does not quench thirst. You could drink a 20 ounce bottle of soda sweetened with HFCS and when you’re done, still feel like you need more to drink because your thirst has not been quenched even though your stomach is full of liquid. When you drink a soda sweetened with pure cane sugar, you can generally stop drinking it at some point even before it’s gone. HFCS can kill. It is a tremendous danger to people who lean toward diabetes and obesity. It kills health.

Think of an alcoholic. Can he/she drink just a small amount every once in a while? No, because as soon as they start drinking again, they will relapse and their drinking will become worse than it was before. An alcoholic knows that they must avoid all forms of alcohol forever or suffer the consequences.

This is exactly how I treat all processed foods. I avoid them like the plague they are and I have no regrets. Sure, I rarely eat out because I can never really know for certain how the food is being prepared (sauces, marinades, use of butter, etc.). The money we save by not going out is spent on “clean” and organic foods at the grocery stores. Even there, problems could exist because we’re learning that even with organic foods, glyphosate (Round-Up) is being found in them because it’s either in the field where organics are grown or the wind blows them onto the crops, even though the grower doesn’t use it.

Notice the picture on the right. Read the text underneath. I have not been able to verify this image as being accurate and truthful, but I’ve read other articles that indicate that in some circles, this is how some processed foods are prepared. By the time it gets to you either at the fast food restaurant or in your grocer’s refrigerated section, it could easily have gone through the process described under the image.

First, the entire chicken is smashed to smithereens; it’s eyes, the contents of its head and body – all of it – smashed. Once smashed it is then forced through a sieve and it comes out looking like this; pinkish liquid. The chicken still likely has its blood in its system, which accounts for the pink coloring. This liquid chicken is then “processed.” How?

As the text says, a chicken (like any living thing), is filled to overflowing with bacteria. Big Foods takes this liquefied chicken and soaks it in ammonia. Why? To kill any of the bacteria. Certainly, we can expect that some of the ammonia remains as part of the liquid. What happens next?

Lab technicians have devised a way to make things that would likely taste terrible, taste good. How? It’s all those “natural and artificial flavorings” routinely added to processed foods. If your taste buds can be tricked into thinking that you are tasting actual chicken, then your brain tells you that what you’re eating IS chicken and it’s all good!

But who would want to eat pick chicken? No worries, because the same scientists add food dyes and coloring to processed foods to give it the hue you think of when you think of quality chicken meat; a slightly off-white or cream color.

There you have it! Next time, you eat at your favorite fast food palace, remember, the chicken you are eating may very well have gone through this process or a similar process to get to you.

We have backyard chickens and we know what we feed them. They also free-range in our large backyard with plenty of walking room for them and they can even flap their wings and “fly” around the backyard if they wish. Because of what we feed them and how they live, their eggs are the best eggs I’ve ever eaten!

You can stop eating out and with the money you save, buy organically raised chickens that are much healthier for your digestive system because not only have they not been soaked in ammonia and not had artificial anything added, but they have also been treated humanely and not given growth hormones and/or antibiotics. If animals are raised in the proper surroundings, these won’t be needed. Did you know that “growth hormones” are illegal for humans to have? You cannot go to a doctor and ask him/her to shoot you full of growth hormones. It’s illegal. But it’s perfectly legal to shoot our animals full of the stuff to make them bigger, plumper, and give the impression that they’re healthier.

What goes into your body is what you allow. Feeling sick? Have you put on weight that seems to continue to increase? It’s all due to what you eat and drink, I guarantee it. If you drastically change your eating/drinking lifestyle for the rest of your life, you will see improvement in your health! Excess weight will begin to melt away and often without even going to the gym. You will start to feel better. You may be able to get off some of the meds you’re currently on as well (see your doctor before doing so!). It’s all tied together, your health and what you eat and drink.

Remember the saying “ignorance is no excuse?” Unless you’re a Clinton, that’s the way it works. People who aren’t aware of what they’re eating or drinking and the damage it can do to health are not exempt from experiencing problems because they are ignorant or unaware of the poisons and problems with much of the processed foods that are sold today.

We were in the airport yesterday waiting to pick up our daughter and son-in-law. While we waited, I simply watched people. It was amazing how many were obese, looked unhealthy, and it was all due to what they ingested. Many were probably on numerous medications for symptomatic relief of whatever ailed them. It’s a shame but it’s what we, the people, have allowed to be created because we don’t concern ourselves with our health. We expect food companies to produce wholesome, healthy foods. We expect the government to be about our concerns so we trust them to make the right decisions.

If you want to be healthy, you and you alone must take responsibility for your health. It starts with what you eat and what you drink. Making the correct decisions there eliminates all of the health issues that stem directly from the garbage that is deliberately placed in the foods we buy.

You want to be healthy? It starts with you. You still have genetic issues that all people have, but you won’t have health issues on top of genetics because of what you’re putting into your mouth that goes into your system.

What can you do? Lots, but you may wish to consider the following things that will start you off on the right path.

  1. take a probiotic every day (one with at least 10 strains of live bacteria)
  2. swear off (forever) certain foods/drinks that contain:
    1. High Fructose Corn Syrup
    2. artificial flavors and colors
    3. preservatives added to meats and other foods (like sodium nitrates/nitrites and BHT)
    4. gluten (it’s fattening even if you don’t have Celiac Disease)
    5. most grains
  3. see a qualified naturopath or nutritionist to help you figure out which vitamins you should take
  4. avoid ALL fast food establishments, if possible
  5. eat out less even at the good restaurants
  6. buy more fresh produce
  7. buy meats that are not fed garbage or given antibiotics or growth hormones
  8. drink more SPRING water (not purified)
  9. any sodas you feel you must drink, make sure they’re sweetened with pure cane sugar
    1. if it says “sugar,” it could be from GMO sugar beets – avoid
  10. walk, for exercise at least three times per week

The above is what I do. Notice it is not a diet. It is a lifestyle. That’s what it must be in order for you to get to optimal health for your body. It all starts with you and what you want out of life. I know folks who “can’t” avoid bread because they love it too much. I get that because I love bread too. However, there are some good gluten-free alternatives these days that are worth trying. Even if I did not have access to them, I would still avoid bread because while it tastes good, it is fattening, period.

You actually are what you eat. Are you obese and feeling tired and ill all the time? I was, but that has changed. Make the right choices for your health because no one will do that for you.


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